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 A contemporary take on an Italian classic. The Platinum Strap for Apple Watch is based on the original woven loop band – first created in Milan in the late 19th century. Its stainless steel mesh design wraps stylishly around the wrist, combining both timeless elegance and everyday comfort. Currently available in black, silver, gold, champagne and rose gold, it’s a popular option with both men and women alike.


Lightweight and remarkably comfortable. Not only does the Platinum Strap feel soft and smooth against the skin, thanks to its unique mesh-like construction, but it also allows air to pass easily through its design. It will keep you cool on the warmest of days and helps to avoid under-band sweating, a common issue with both leather and solid stainless steel watch straps.


The Platinum Strap has a clasp closure. There’s no buckle. It simply wraps around the wrist – like a traditional watch band – and is secured in place using a clasp. 


Constructed from premium grade 316 stainless steel (rather than a cheaper alternative, such as grade 304), the Platinum Strap is durable and built to last. It is easy to keep clean and resistant to solutions of sulphuric acid, chlorides, bromides, iodides, and fatty acids.


This is a great style for day-to-day wear. Taking you effortlessly from meetings in the office to evening drinks with friends, the Platinum Strap will compliment just about any outfit – including both smart-casual and formal attire – and is suitable for a wide range of occasions.

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